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How do I create a custom book without questions?

Here you will learn how to create a book without a collection of questions.

Watch our short video first to get to know the most important functions in the software:

If you don't own a book yet:

Create your 14-day test account here or buy the blank book directly here , which you can then fill with your content. You can then create categories that will be used as a table of contents. Within each category you can define headings and texts, to which you can also upload images.

If you already own a book:

Go to the overview of your books (“My books”). Select your book there. Click on “Book Details”. Behind the Left Questions you will find the button “delete”. If you click there, all your questions that you haven't answered yet will be deleted. The categories will remain. You can still access the Meminto questions via the Discover Questions page.

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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