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How can I upload and edit images? (For Books started after Feb 2024)

Learn how to upload and edit images for your questions in this article.

Please note that these instructions only apply to books with our NEW EDITOR. This refers to books that were started after February 2024. Books that work with the old editor (up to February 2024) will be filled with images differently.

With our new editor you can place images wherever you like.
To add an image click on one of image icons. (Either at the bottom of the editor or after clicking on the "+" icon on the left of a block element.)

You can either drag your images from a folder to the marked field or browse your files for an image.

Then you can edit your image by clicking on the pencil icon. Here you can change the name and describe the photo.
Save your changes by clicking on “Save changes” in the bottom left corner.

To edit the image before it gets uploaded, click on “Edit file” in the upper right corner.
Now you can rotate, flip, zoom in or out, or change the format of the image.
To undo something, click on the second icon from the left.
When you are satisfied with your editing, click on the checkmark on the left.

Our new editor lets you adjust the size and ratio of your image afterwards in the editor itself.

Now you can upload your file by clicking on “Upload file” at the bottom.

After you uploaded the image, you can adjust the size and ratio.
Zoom in or out. Grab the image to move it within the set ratio.
Add a caption if you like.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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