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How do I get a PDF of my book?

Find out how to create a PDF export (on your computer, tablet or smartphone). You need at least 3 stories or chapters in your book to generate a preview and download the PDF.

1. When using a web browser

The process is quite simple:

Click on Layout & Print in your Meminto account.
Go to the "Inside" step. Your book will be displayed (if not, click "Save" again)
Click on the small gear on the right above your book preview:

Please note that your download contains a watermark. This will not appear in the printed book. You can also order a digital version of your book, which will be available as a PDF and as a digital page-turning book in your browser to be shared with your family worldwide.

2. When using the mobile app

Tap "Book" at the bottom of the app and scroll to the "Preview and Export" button.
Enter your email address or a preferred email address to send the PDF to (this may take some time)
Check your email

In the mobile app, you can remove the watermark for a small one-time payment without having to buy a digital book. You will immediately receive a print-ready PDF of your Meminto book.

What is the purpose of a PDF export for Meminto Stories?

Not everyone wants to end up with a printed book at the end of their writing journey. Many of us just need a little inspiration to get started. We've got lots of questions to get your creative juices flowing! Start by writing about your own life or the lives of your children. You can even work with a ghostwriter or family member to get your ideas down on paper. Here are two examples:

It's so lovely when you get to write a book with your grandparents and parents!

Grandchildren would love to record their grandparents' life stories with them. But they're not sure yet if these stories will be enough for a book. No problem! You can simply start a free project in the app. After a short interview, 52 questions about the person's life are available, which you can expand or adapt as you see fit. With these questions, you now have a perfect guide to help you quickly record the most important key points in a structured way, and produce a printout at the end.

As a ghostwriter for preparing biographies

Ghostwriters (or writing assistants) can use our questions to create a helpful guide with their clients. Clients can then use the app to answer the most important questions themselves, generate a printout, and hand it to the ghostwriter, who can use it for a biography. The ghostwriter can even be invited as a participant in their own story and add questions themselves that are deemed relevant.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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